Tuesday 12 March 2013


As I landed in my bed yesterday morning, a mere 14 hours after leaving New York (on the second attempt, thanks to United Airlines' inability to count the number of seats on their planes), I was vaguely aware of a fleeting thought popping through my head before sleep took over.

Blogging.  I haven't written a post for nearly a week.

Dear readers, I am so sorry for my tardiness.  The last week has been an overwhelming, incredible, amazing and inspiring whirlwind, and I just don't know where to start telling you everything that has happened. 

Plus the internet in our hotel was terrible and kicked everyone off if more than about 3 people were using the wifi at the same time.

I fully intend to update you on everything we did, but please forgive me as I close my eyes now and try to pretend that a) I don't have A LOT of catching up on study to do (whoever said doing an MSc was a good idea is an evil person!) and b) I AM NOT JETLAGGED!

Thank you for your patience!

Much love,

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