Monday 27 May 2013

"Rules"... 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

This week's prompt for the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is "...there's always a sting in the tail..."  I wonder how many insect-inspired posts there will be...


She knows the rules.  Rules are safe.  Rules mean you don't get hurt.

But in her world, rules are there to be broken.

She tried.  Really, she did.  She could hear it, echoing around her head, as she started to run away.

But as she took her first step, she felt it.

Looking down, she saw it.  Small.  Nothing.  Not big enough to cause any damage.

But she knew she was wrong.

As she felt the pain, she remembered the words... "there's always a sting in the tail".

With wasps, the first rule is to always stand still.


  1. I'm still a rulebreaker, although I'm approaching retirement age. It's just more subtle these days.

  2. Clever, I know people who will always flap when they are around insects.

  3. I loved this. The ending was brilliant! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Clever ending. Yes, regretfully, I am a wasp-runner.....