Monday 1 July 2013

Growing Up - 100 word challenge for grown ups

I've missed a couple of the prompts for the 100 word challenge for grown ups over the last few weeks - what with trying to keep on top of my dissertation and starting a new job, I've been pretty busy!  

But this week's prompt, " nails?" she cried..., gave me some great ideas, so now I'm back!

Growing Up

"Pink nails?!" she cried, glaring at her mother. 

"But you promised I could have my nails painted like Katie.  Pink nails are rubbish. I can't believe you don't know anything!" 

How could her mother do this to her?!  Didn't she know that her favourite pop star always had her nails painted blue with little sparkly bits?!  This was such a stupid birthday present.  Why was her mother so useless?!

"Darling", her mother pleaded with her, "this was the colour you chose".

"But muu-um!  This colour is stupid.  I hate pink.  It's just not fair!" 

 It's hard being seven years old. 

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